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Woodgrain Bagels Wows Early Critics in Boulder

Wood-fired Montreal-style bagels are all the rage

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Woodgrain Bagels

Woodgrain Bagels, a Montreal-style breakfast eatery, opened in April to the delight of fans of smaller, sweeter, and denser bagels. The spot’s authentic aesthetic, hand-pulled bagels, and a versatile menu has since impressed early visitors. Though social media reviews reveal a few gripes with service, Woodgrain Bagels is quickly establishing itself in Denver’s growing bagel game.

Go Now: 5820 Magazine praised Woodgrain Bagels' sweet, Canadian-inspired grub. In a "Go Now" feature, Daliah Singer applauds the eatery's warm staff, mountain aesthetic, and bagel-centric display. Different preferences are kept in mind across the versatile breakfast and lunch menus. From the Brooklyn Classic Lox sandwich to the mushroom-and-leak Woodsman omelet, every palate will be able to find something satisfying at Woodgrain Bagels. [5280 Magazine]

Occasional Flukes Don't Dissuade Diners: Yelp reviewers loved the "authentic" and friendly atmosphere. Details like the hidden Norwegian woodwork book behind the counter and woodfire oven in the back delight guests looking for real Montreal-style bagels. However, few diners did complain that their wood-fired bagels or smoked cream cheese lacked the charred flavor they were looking for. In addition to a number of gripes about the prices, complaints from the Yelp community were relatively mild. Most guests maintained that they would return to the bagel shop (but perhaps not add extra items to their order). [Yelp]

"Wholly fantastic bagels [B]atman:" East coast transplants and tourists appreciate the Boulder bagel shop. A few took to Facebook to applaud the authentic look of the hand-rolled bagels and strong flavors. Users also enjoyed the campfire coffee, marked by its robust and nutty flavor. One user claimed that Woodgrain Bagels delivered the best Montreal bagels "south of the border" and that "Québécois will be jealous." [Facebook]

Service Flukes Distract From Good Food: Most Google reviewers' sentiments aligned with fans across social media. Out of the 15 reviews, fourteen gave Woodgrain Bagels more than 3 stars. However, a repeat customer noted that each visit brings about a different hiccup, from prolonged waits to few clueless staff members. Though the reviewer "wants to love" Woodgrain Bagels, a couple of more unpleasant experiences may force the diner to give up. [Google]