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Homicide Victim Found at Original Torchy’s Tacos Location Following Violent Incident

The suspect was apprehended with clown makeup, bladed gloves in Torchy’s parking lot


A 29-year-old man was brutally murdered on the early hours of Tuesday, May 23 close to the original Colorado Torchy’s Tacos on 11th Avenue and Broadway, a police report quoted by 9News stated.

According to the probable cause statement, the suspect, Christian Lee Gulzow, age 36, wore white, clown-like makeup and gloves with two- to three-inch claws affixed to each finger. He approached the victim, later identified as Brian Lucero, 29, in front of the Corner Store at 1001 Broadway before following him to the Torchy’s parking lot, taking swings with the blades, striking the victim in the throat, leading to his collapse.

Police arrived at the crime scene shortly after the incident and transported the victim to Denver Health Medical Center. The victim’s time of death was recorded at 1:11 a.m.

Investigators located a man who matched the suspect description on a scooter after camera footage showed him throwing an object into nearby shrubbery at the 900 block of Galapagos Street, according to police. During interrogation, Guzlow – who is being held on suspicion of homicide – is quoted as saying the man who died tried to steal his scooter, leading to the altercation.

Torchy’s is operating as usual.

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