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Chimera to Debut in Sushi Tora Space This Fall

Zoe Ma Ma owners bring more Asian fare to Boulder

Zoe Ma Ma

After a 30-year run, Sushi Tora closed its doors last month leaving behind a prime piece of Boulder real estate up for grabs at 2014 10th Street. Alas, the space will not remain vacant for long, Westword reports, as restaurateur Edwin Zoe and his mother – the owners of street-style Chinese noodle shop, Zoe Ma Ma – will open a full-service Pacific Rim restaurant, to be called Chimera.

A modern transformation of the former sushi space is already underway, with an expected opening date sometime this October. The bar-lounge is intended to make up more than half the interior square-footage, and cocktails will be regionally influenced, along with sake and wine.

The full-fledged sit-down restaurant will be a departure from Zoe and his mother’s – affectionately called “Ma Ma” – original Boulder location of Zoe Ma Ma opened in 2010.

Though he wouldn’t refer to the new menu as “fusion,” Zoe explains the fare will focus on freedom of flavors without strict observance of traditional boundaries. Anticipated menu items include a bowl of ramen with Zoe’s signature hand-made noodles, Korean barbecue, and a steamed Sichuan fish.

The name – an allusion to a fabled Chinese creature – winks at the family’s diverse background, Zoe’s upbringing and the assortment of cuisines he explored throughout his life.

Zoe Ma Ma

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