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Onefold Shames Customer After Coffee Spill Incident (Updated)

Social media lit up again around the Uptown spot


A coffee burn from a quick to-go order at Onefold in Uptown turned into a drawn-out social media drama episode between a couple and the restaurant.

Customer Jess Bull went to the bathroom with the couple’s older child while her husband, Tyler Bull, was paying and picking up their order at the counter, accompanied by their younger child in a car seat. According to Jess Bull’s account of the incident, when the man picked up his coffee cup, the coffee spilled and burned him on his chest and abdomen. The staff that witnessed the incident did not help or see if he was okay, and it took another guest to bring him some napkins, she said. She shared her experience on her personal Facebook page and tagged the location of the eatery:

Went to Onefold today for take out - while Tyler had Haddie and I had Avery they gave him a hot coffee with the lid "on"- only it wasn't popped on completely. He tried to get a sip and when the lid flew off, he was burned on his chest and abdomen and this almost burned Hadley. The staff seemed as if they could not have cared less [this is the part that frustrated me-they didn't offer a "I'm sorry that happened", "do you need anything", etc]. needless to say we will not be going back there again.#theyevenforgotthebacontylerordered#learntopopacoffeelidon — at Onefold.

The restaurant, known for its short fuse on the with displeased customers, shared a screenshot of the post on Instagram with the caption:

Just a reminder...We assume no responsibility if you squeeze your togo coffee cup and the lid pops off. Also, its probably not a parenting choice to drink coffee with your baby below. #squeezablecoffeecups? #entitled #somemomneedssleep #pleasecomebacknot #icedcoffeenexttime #helicopterwife

Some comments supported Onefold and others did not. Several in the latter category had their comments deleted and then got blocked from seeing the Onefold account, one that later took down the post.

“I am shocked by the turn of events here,” said Jess Bull, who alleges her husband received both first- and second-degree burns from the coffee. “The reaction Onefold had from the moment my husband shared the coffee on himself...was nothing we expected. I posted that on Facebook as a message to my friends and next thing I knew I was getting shamed on Instagram over it,” she said.

Update: Mark Nery, husband to owner Terese Nery, shared with Eater the following: “I was not there when this whole thing happened but my wife Terese told me about it, then I saw the Facebook post, then I watched the video from our cameras. The husband [Tyler Bull] spilled coffee on himself. Hypothetically it could have spilled on the baby but it did not. He squeezed his cup too hard and the coffee spilled. Then we saw the Facebook post that the wife put up saying to her friends “Don't go here, they don't care about babies.” We reposted that with our own perspective just to show how ridiculous the situation was. Obviously, we don't hate babies, we have babies. In his industry, some people love us and others don’t and that’s ok with us.”

The restaurant also posted the Eater article on its Instagram account plus a short video snippet of the incident. They are available here.


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