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Five Reasons to Visit the Brand New Southern Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen & Bar

Cristal Champagne, your personal table keg, and a moonrise brunch

North Carolina Asheville-born Tupelo Honey has added 1650 Wewatta Street in Denver to its roster of locations that now spreads from Texas to Georgia and from South Carolina to Tennessee. The 3,000 square foot restaurant, which seats 180 guests inside, plus an extra 82 on the plaza-side patio, not only serves classic southern dishes with a twist but has some extra incentives for a visit:

  • The chef's table is a must-have experience for some of its tricked out features. Not only do you get easy access to the off-the-menu reserve beer list but you also have a front seat - it will be in front of you literally- to the built-in draft system (yes, at your table) where guests can self-serve and enjoy a sixtel (1/6 of a keg), cocktail, or wine of their choice. If you don't want to pour it yourself, don't worry, the staff will happily oblige and help out.
  • The Seersucker Martini Lunch is a little feature that brings back the two-martini lunch. Guests can order a choice of the Dixie Southern vodka martini, a Spring 44 gin martini, or the Dixie Southern Cosmo, each for $0.75 per drink, a quarter less than a dollar, when you buy a lunch plate. And you can have three of them, not just two.
  • Throw back music, bottle service, house party fare is what the Sunday through Thursday Dirty South Happy Hour is all about. Six dollar food items include pimento cheese nachos, three raw or roasted oysters, bacon pralines, and the Southern pakora (fried okra and cauliflower in chickpea butter).

  • During happy hour, the restaurant opens a bottle of coveted forever-buzzy Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne and will pour it by the glass, at cost, which comes to $35 a glass. It is served in a fancy golden chalice.
  • The Moonrise Brunch is a late night limited brunch menu that stretches from avocado toast to cast-iron mac 'n cheese and from yogurt and granola to pimento cheese grilled cheese on brioche. It is served every night.
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