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Hearth & Dram's Struggling Service Distracts From Its Taste and Style

Here's what the online community says about the new restaurant and whiskey bar

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Hearth & Dram
Hearth & Dram
Adam Larkey

Food News: Critics and diners alike can taste the quality in Hearth & Dram's dishes. Diners routinely praised the medium-rare short ribs, roasted duck breast, and the infamous "whole beast feast," decadent family-style servings of either suckling pig, glazed duck, sturgeon, or prime rib. One diner conceded that the tight menu was somewhat limited but "well done." More casual guests maintained that the options had a strong gourmet aesthetic and foodie appeal. If you spring for appetizers, don't miss the cured meats plate and beef tartare with toast. [OpenTable]

Haphazard Menu Pricing: While most Facebook users left glowing reviews for the upscale whiskey bar and restaurant - one user flourishingly described the menu as "[e]legant, creative, flavorful, french flare, incredible" -, few picked at the drink selection. The drink menu hardly left an impression on one guest and surmised the selection as "[n]othing to write home about." Another user balked at the seemingly scatterbrained pricing process, suggesting that the menu seemed "like they threw darts with a blindfold on. And then doubled it." [Facebook]

Scattered Service Turns Off Diners: One common thread connected Hearth & Dram's negative Yelp reviews: poor service. A Yelp user pointedly noted that their lower rating was "due to the service/experience - and not the food." Other diners found their dining experience dampened by uncomfortable seats near the door, disconnected communications with the staff, and delayed dish deliveries. The overall theme on Yelp was that "a little bit of communication goes a long way." [Yelp]

Aesthetic Distracts from Kinks, but not Prices: Hearth & Dram's palpable style impressed most diners. On Zagat, reviewers repeatedly applauded the restaurant's "stunning" style and tasteful decoration. One diner dared to claim that Hearth & Dram created the best food they had eaten in their life. Despite mixed service and food experiences, most diners maintained that they'd come back to Hearth & Dram and knowingly spend at least $50 a head. One reviewer succinctly summed up the Union Station-adjacent restaurant: "[a] cavernous hotel bar with solid food and drink at premium hotel prices." [Zagat]

Hearth & Dram

1801 Wewatta Street, , CO 80202 (303) 623-0979 Visit Website