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The Must-Have Fried Chicken at Low Country Kitchen

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Southern transplants love it

“It tastes like God dipped his toe in this batter.”

That was a comment co-owner of Low Country Kitchen, Brian Vaughn, recently heard after a guest tried his fried chicken. “I’ve been really surprised by all the transplants here from the South,” he said. “We’ve had so many people come in here saying they are looking for a meal they can find back home.”

The Denver outpost of Low opened two months ago and has been picking up steam ever since. They brought chef Travis Phillips onto the team for the opening. Vaughn said they are excited to give him freedom to change and expand the menu in the coming weeks. “The staples will definitely stay the same, but I’m thinking about 20 percent of the menu will change and Travis will add his special touches.”

Travis continued: “I’m excited to show the lighter side of Southern cuisine. It’s not something you normally think of, but there are ways to do it. The menu will change when the season does.”

One of the staple that isn’t going anywhere is the fried chicken. Almost three quarters of the of dishes ordered at Low are chicken. That means the kitchen goes through more than 250 chickens a week. But each plate of chicken takes days to make.

“We brine it in salt, sugar, and water for at least 24 hours. And then we marinate it for 48 hours in a mixture of buttermilk and Frank’s hot sauce. And then finally we can make it,” said Phillips. Vaughn continued: “This is the extra step. You could use all the same ingredients and make this at home. But it wouldn’t be the same. You can taste the effort.”

After 72 hours of love, they batter it in a special chicken flour combo (the secret ingredient was not divulged), and fry it for about 12 minutes.

The result is a crispy and only mildly spicy piece of chicken. It’s a heat everyone can enjoy. Both Vaughn and Phillips suggest the collard greens and mashed potatoes to pair with the chicken.

They are offering a new School Night Special on Monday and Tuesday nights for families: $17 for adults and $7 for kids. You get three pieces of chicken, one side per person and salad for the table.

Low Country Kitchen

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