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Mizu Izakaya Garners Nearly Universal Praise

Here's what online reviewers are saying about the hip Japanese restaurant in LoHi

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Mizu Izakaya
Mizu Izakaya
Adam Larkey

Where to Eat Now: Dining Out added the LoHi Japanese restaurant to its "Where to Eat Now" list. Citing the "stunning" contemporary space, backdropped with a mural from Jher Seno, and trendy neighborhood, Mizu Izakaya is called a "sight to see." Highlights include the raw bar and donburi rice dishes. The bar staff and program particularly shines as the team "goes beyond shaking and stirring, taking their craft to the next level." Editor Morgan Carter sums up her favorable review with the thought that Mizu Izakaya is "promising a whole new level of culinary intrigue in the happening LoHi community." [Dining Out]

Staff Struggles: The few reviews less than three stars on the restaurant's Facebook page mainly criticize the new spot's service hiccups. Customers reported long wait table times in an unpacked restaurant and a sense of general apathy from the staff. One diner wants to give Mizu another chance "once it settles in" and was disappointed that his experience "didn't live up to the hype and other reviews." [Facebook]

Stand Outs and Misses: Recent Yelp reviewers have generally enjoyed the restaurant's ambiance and menu selection. One diner enthusiastically praised the grilled pork belly and crispy tuna. Despite the higher prices, the diner felt that they are fair for what the guest receives. A couple of other recent visitors were slightly less pleased with their experience and noted that the sushi landed "just in the middle" of the road and wasn't "really anything special." However, Mizu Izakaya maintains a four-star rating on the website. [Yelp]

Artsy and Upscale Vibe: Zagat favors Mizu Izakaya for the restaurant's "funky" and "dramatic" aesthetic, complete with "chic details" that distinguish this spot from other date-worthy LoHi establishments. Google reviewers cited on the website gave the restaurant an average of 4.5 stars and generally found their experiences to be "accommodating and very creative." There are comments questioning the behavior of bartending and service staff, similar to other social media reviews. However, most diners were impressed by Mizu Izakaya's commitment to quality ingredients and hip atmosphere. [Zagat/Google]


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