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RiNo’s New Secret Is Millers & Rossi

The buzz around the new speakeasy is growing

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Adam Larkey

Millers & Rossi opened this past April to the delight of art-lovers and cocktail connoisseurs alike. The modern, hybrid space combines the aesthetic of a 1920's speakeasy with an art gallery at a Walnut Street space in RiNo. The space boasts a dark and seductive bar, craft cocktails and an office for local artists. The works spotting the walls aim to emphasize local talents' diversity in skills and creativity. With dual ideas stacked into one concept, how does Millers & Rossi stand in the eyes of the social media community? We've rounded up the good and the bad news coming from online communities and publications.

A Quirky Fit for the Neighborhood: Facebook reviewers universally praised the bar's cocktail program, staff, and aesthetic. No user awarded Millers & Rossi less than four stars and fans emphasized the quality of the crafted cocktail program. One visitor celebrated the bar as a "beautiful little secret" with delicious drinks and a "fantastic atmosphere." Other reviewers enjoyed the 'moody, warm, and inviting" vibe that encourages guests to return quickly. There were few issues to pick with Millers & Rossi, though one guest didn't enjoy the TV projecting cable programs over the bar. However, others reported enjoying old episodes of Bob Ross specials and the Wizard of Oz. Either way, guests found the array of comfy couches as a viable alternative to bar seating. [Facebook]

Where to Drink Now: Dining Out included the speakeasy in its "Where to Drink Now" feature for its effortless combination of Coloradan art and crafted cocktails. Owner Dustin Miller cultivates a quaint" gallery space of rotating contemporary works from local artists. Pass the not-so-hidden secret door to the speakeasy where one can easily relax with cocktails "mixed with a little Mile High magic." The online magazine, like most online reviewers, eagerly awaits the launch of the food menu slated for this month. [Dining Out]

Few Service Hiccups Distract from the Cocktail Program: Customers that visited the bar during its first week of service had some complaints about the disconnected service and miscommunications with staff members. However, guests seemed to have more positive service experiences as the staff settled into the space. Cocktails like the smoked old fashion stood out strongly amongst guests for its cedar wood aroma. The one complaint? Cocktails were somewhat pricey and range from $10 to $15. [Yelp]

The Hot Lists: Millers & Rossi is popping on trending lists for different Denver publications. Westword included the speakeasy in both the May "The Twenty Hottest New Restaurants to Open So Far This Year" and "The Westword Watch List" in April. Critic Mark Antonation predicts that Millers & Rossi "will soon heat up as one of the top places to be seen in RiNo." An early feature of Millers & Rossi further lauds the "seductive" space and the unique, "showy twist" on classic cocktails. [Westword]