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San Diego Fried Chicken Darling Swoops into Denver

Chicken Rebel makes a Denver cameo

Chicken Rebel

San Diego’s Chicken Rebel will be popping up in Denver in July and serving its signature fried chicken sandwiches and tater tots at various craft breweries. It is a temporary thing and come August, the chicken Eater San Diego once described as “juicy and flavorful with an ultra-crisp crunchy crust” will be gone.

That ultra-crisp crunchy crust comes courtesy of Chicken Rebel’s buttermilk brine and a batter mixing craft beer with eight special spices. On top of that, each piece of chicken is cooked sous vide, giving this traditional favorite a molecular gastronomy twist.

Chicken Rebel’s sandwiches come with regionally-inspired combinations of fresh-made sauces and toppings, ranging from The Classic’s tangy jalapeño slaw and roasted garlic aioli to the Nashville hot chicken-inspired Fiery Bird. Each one will cost you around $10.

Judging from a recent a recent post on Chicken Rebel’s Facebook page, Denver’s fried chicken stalwarts won’t have to worry about a full-scale Chicken Rebellion any time soon. Owner Lydie Lovett is planning to return to San Diego with a new food truck after the summer trip.