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Babettes Will No Longer Bake its Own Bread

Retail sales were down, but a new project is in the works


Babettes bread, with its crunchy, chocolatey colored crust and full flavor, has found a loyal audience at The Source since opening in September 2013; however, the bread portion of the bakery program will be discontinued, “for the time being,” said owner/baker Steve Scott. But he has a caveat: “I’m setting the record straight ... Babettes is not closing.”

Along with the copious construction from end to end of Brighton Boulevard, Scott says Babettes’ retail sales have been down “40 percent,” hence the temporary termination of the bread program — they’ll also lay off two people toward the end of 2016.

The good news is the loaves won’t be gone for long: “We’re going to be doing another project,” Scott says — and bread will be included.

The announcement arrived on Babettes’ Instagram page June 17, stating:

After nearly four years and close to every one of those worked (save for 30 days) Babettes is hanging up the peel for awhile. A big thank you goes out to our customer who became friends ... There are two big reasons for letting bread go for a time. My strength and the amazing amounts of wholesale pastry we are making. Not to mention being able to find bakers at the top of their game. Bread will be back but I need to recharge and focus on the end of business that’s growing fast. Pastry. Pastry will be available 6 days a week as usual with new items being added weekly. Laminated brioche and traditional brioche will be available as well. Thank you to all who support and have supported Babettes through the years. Something really cool is coming.

Scott says finding talented bakers in Colorado has been challenging, however, Babettes’ two-month old pastry chef, Caroline John has impressed him.

The yet-to-be-disclosed follow-up to Babettes is expected to be open between the end of 2017 and early 2018.

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