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Denver Diners Indulge in White Pie’s East Coast-Style Pizza

The classic New Haven combination of mozzarella, olive oil and garlic has captured the hearts and bellies of Uptown

White Pie has wowed Uptown diners and critics since it opened this past May
Adam Larkey

White Pie, a new addition to the Uptown dining scene, is fueled by a wood-fired oven and the fire of brothers Jason and Kris Wallenta. The Dos Santos team expanded their restaurant repertoire this past May with an East Coast twist. The signature white pie adheres to traditional methods of New Haven-style pizza: a simple balance of garlic, olive oil and mozzarella on thin, charred crust.

Housed in the bones of the Strings catering operation, the White Pie team infused the space’s high ceilings and exposed brick walls with large windows, a new floor and C-shaped bar woven around the central oven.

But what do Denverites think about the Wallenta team’s Italian venture? Here’s what online critics and community members are saying about White Pie online:

It’s Got Style, It’s Got Grace: 5280 Magazine encouraged hungry passersby to hustle to White Pie in their June article. The team’s “true secret ingredient” and trendiness lies with its slushy machines that delightfully churn out mom-friendly slushies like frozés and Negronis. The menu also boasts a selection of “easy-to-love Italian eats” like the Porky Porkerino pizza and lasagna Bolognese pasta. Further enticed by White Pie’s “comfortably hip space,” food editor Callie Sumlin announced that the restaurant “is already a gold” in her book. [5280]

A Welcome Neighborhood Addition: Diners and critics alike on Zagat proclaimed that White Pie was a necessary and delicious addition to City Park West. One local diner awarded the “light, flavorful” pizza his vote for the best pie in Denver. The same guest admitted the only problem with the place is that it’s “dangerously close to home.” Another visitor noted that a couple could get a beer, a glass of wine and two dinners for under $40 - and still tip kindly. The editorial team at the publication seem to be fans of White Pie, as well. Zagat has featured the restaurant as one of the “Hottest Restaurants in Denver” and “11 Must-Try Italian Restaurants.” [Zagat]

Did Someone Say “Wine Bottle Chandelier?:” Dining Out magazine was impressed by the space’s streamlined style and community atmosphere. The restaurant’s interior is stretched with high ceilings and a “conversation piece” chandelier comprised of more than 1,000 wine bottles. Fifty seats are available inside and the outdoor patio can fit about 30 more patrons. The family-friendly space is overtaken by community tables but enhanced by a booth, chef’s counter and open kitchen. Food writer Lori Midson additionally contends that White Pie’s lasagna “is probably a top contender for any list that might cover the city’s lasagna landscape.” She also hints at future starring dishes like a promised New Haven white clam pizza. [Dining Out]

Fills What You Didn’t Know You Missed: One of the Denver Post’s resident foodies, Allyson Reedy, was skeptical that Denver’s pizza scene lacked any notable styles. However, she calls for those with “gaping hole[s]” where New Haven-style pizza should’ve been to “take note: White Pie has heard your prayers.” Lifelong fans and recent converters alike are recommended to sample the Fuggetaboutit pizza and appetizers like the meatballs and “house puff.” [The Know]


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