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See How They Create the White Pie at Uptown’s White Pie

Crème fraîche, bacon, mushrooms, and egg—on a pizza

You could say that a lifetime of research went into the white pie at White Pie. Several lifetimes, in fact. Chef-owner-brother duo, Kris and Jason Wallenta (also of Dos Santos) grew up in Connecticut, eating white pie at their favorite neighborhood joint, Sally’s.

“That pie was a classic, East Coast version: Olive oil, garlic, herbs, and mozzarella,” said Kris. The whole family, including their father who currently works with them at White Pie, went there countless times throughout their childhood. And that pizza inspired White Pie.

The restaurant is built around those food memories, but they definitely gave the menu their own twist. Part of that twist is the years they spent in Mexico running restaurants, from 2007 until 2015. For almost 8 years, they experimented with pizza in their wood-fired oven there. “We changed the dough so many times, as well as adjusting cooking times and techniques. And that is the same here. We are still experimenting with our dough,” explained Kris.

The signature dish is named after the restaurant and that fact alone makes it one of the most popular dishes. This is not the pizza of their childhood though.

“Just a few weeks before we opened, I was talking to my wife about the white pie. I knew I wanted there to be an actual white sauce on the pie. And she is French, so of course she said, ‘How about crème fraîche?’ And I said, ‘Yeah! I love crème fraîche!’ It’s not used a lot on pizzas and I instantly thought it seemed like a really cool idea,” said Kris.

He continued: “I wanted to keep it simple. I definitely wanted there to be an egg on the white pie. I thought it would look great on it. What’s great with eggs, bacon? Then I added mushrooms. And I definitely wanted to add a bunch of garlic to it.”

He reiterated several times that they aren’t trying to recreate the pie from their childhood: “We’ve had an incredible response. We’re not trying to give you the same pizza you eat when you’re in New Haven, but we are trying to give you that memory, style, and flavor. We’ve had a lot of visitors from Connecticut; we’ve had so many tables say that they came because they are from there. It’s a cult following on the East Coast for sure.”

It’s a well deserved following too. The rustic pies have a thin crust, with just the right amount of char from the fire and crunch. “And the egg is like the icing on the pie. Everything’s better with an egg on it,” said Kris with a smile.

Get the white pie every day except Monday for dinner.

White Pie

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Dos Santos

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