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Vinh Xuong Bakery Joins the Party at Upcoming RiNo Food Hall

The Vietnamese standout will start serving bánh mì at Zeppelin Station

Vietnamese bánh mì sandwich
Vinh Xuong Bakery 

As one of Denver’s best-loved Vietnamese eateries joins its growing roster of vendors, Zeppelin Station is looking more and more like RiNo’s next great dining destination. Vinh Xuong Bakery will open at the 100,000-square-foot workspace and food alongside the Chicago-based Aloha Poke Co., Boulder’s Fior Gelato, and more as-yet-unannounced restaurants later this year.

Hung Huynh opened his first Vietnamese bakery in Denver in 1980, later moving to 375 South Federal Boulevard at the Far East Center. His son Duc and daughter Yen opened a second Vinh Xuong Bakery at 2370 West Alameda Avenue in 2011, and they launched a new food truck, dubbed VX-3, earlier this month.

Vinh Xuong Bakery is known first and foremost for its bánh mì, which the Huynhs serve with a house-made sauce on fresh-baked baguettes. The Zeppelin Station location will likely feature a selection of their other French-style baked goods and desserts as well.

Bánh mì, which Duc Huynh calls the “delicious bastard child” of French colonialism in Vietnam, is definitely not the red-hot culinary trend it once was. Where once there was novelty, Denver now boasts a wide variety of great bánh mì sandwiches. Explore for yourself at these ten top spots.

Disclosure: The editor is married to one of the developers behind Zeppelin Station.