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The Healthy (And Delicious) Bowl at Morning Collective

A dish full of veggies, potatoes and eggs that is perfect to start your day

Bowls are officially a thing in Denver. Chipotle bowls, acai bowls, protein bowls, fruit bowls, poke bowls – the list goes on. And we are not saying that Morning Collective is the first or only place to find a great breakfast bowl, but it certainly has some of the best.

"I really think the bowl thing has not been done in breakfast in the way it’s been done in other meals,” explained chef Joseph Strelnik. “It’s a low maintenance meal, that is good on-the-go or eating it here. I get annoyed with to-go breakfast because it’s usually awful, which isn’t fair to the people paying money for it. I wanted a bowl category on the menu. I’m a Benedict guy. I wanted to do something that had the elements and craftsmanship of a Benedict, but way easier to eat."

Layering the flavors, each ingredient builds on the one before it to create a dynamic bite from every angle.

The hearty bowl is just that: robust and filling. It has chorizo, tots, pork green chili, salsa, cheese, tortilla strips and two eggs. It's a best seller on the menu every day.

But the healthy bowl gives you the same punch with a lot more veggies. It comes with potatoes, seasonal veggies, greens, two eggs and bright pistachio pesto.

"I needed an alter ego for the hearty bowl. The heart that is put into just the potatoes matters. We roast them and hand crush them and then marinate them and then sauté them. It's almost a 24-hour process for just that piece," said Strelnik.

The potatoes and veggies are sautéed together and then placed on top of the greens to wilt slightly without breaking down their crisp texture entirely. The pesto gives the greens a little dressing and ties together all the different herbs in the dish. It's topped with two perfectly poached eggs, ready to break open over the whole thing.

"I put a lot of love into this shit. I really do. Everything comes across as so simple, but it’s not,” Strelnik said. “It’s the details. I think about what it’s like for our guests to eat it. And I hope that comes across."

The nostalgic breakfast destination bordering Rosedale on Broadway is open seven days a week from 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Morning Collective

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