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The Hot Scene at Cattivella — Friday at 7 p.m.

The place is buzzing

Cattivella was the first restaurant to open at Eastbridge Town Center in Stapleton. Chef and owner Elise Wiggins brought a lot of her own clientele, drawing guests who dined with her (and fell in love with her food) when she led Panzano’s kitchen for more than 12 years.

Those guests brought their friends and word spread like wildfire throughout the neighborhood. Cattivella was filling chairs early in the game. And they've only gotten busier as other restaurants like Concourse, Next Door, Los Chingones and Hashtag have opened their doors. These photos show what it looks like on a Friday night at 7 P.M.

Eastbridge has become a premier spot for dining in East Denver ... offering the thousands of people who live in Stapleton and Northfield some of the best food you can find in the city.

Cattivella is a place where you'll run into neighbors and are encouraged to push tables together. Wiggins designed the space with community and conversation in mind. The kitchen is part of the dining experience, with just a narrow bar separating chefs from diners. The layout lends itself to conversations between tables ,while floor to ceiling windows make the patio feel like an extension of what's happening inside, as well as the bar opening up to the patio.

"The most beautiful thing I’ve seen since I’ve opened, everyone is leaning over talking to each other,” said Wiggins. “I want people to commune together and meet one another. It’s so beautiful to see that. It’s exactly what I want.”

Cattivella is open for dinner every day of the week and for brunch on weekends. Check the website for the many events and cooking classes available.


80238 East 29th Drive, , CO 80238 (303) 645-3779 Visit Website