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Sneak Peek: Citizen Rail Will Open Inside Kimpton’s Born Hotel

The area behind Union Station keeps growing

Inspired by train travel and the nearby historic Union Station, Citizen Rail is about to take off in the Hotel Born, the latest venture from the Kimpton group. The rail-car-like interior, designed by local power house Semple Brown, is a fluid space that goes from a 74 guest dining room into a cool and exciting bar. There is a patio and an intimate private dining room area, but a centerpiece of the new attraction is the dry aging room.

Citizen Rail is very much about the meats. Executive chef Christian Graves, who previously ran Jsix in Kimpton’s Solamar property in San Diego, is working closely with the head butcher of the restaurant to source, dry-age, and showcase the best of beef, bison, and venison, but also pork, poultry, and fish — and get them ready for the wood-fired grill. That grill, which will be powered by a variety of woods, including mesquite, hickory, and white oak, is also being used for vegetables, many of which will show up on the breakfast, lunch, and brunch menu.

The restaurant, located at 1899 16th Street, opens on Tuesday, August 15. In the next few weeks, Tavernetta will join the line-up in the new hotel.