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Hosea Rosenberg Expands with Santo, a New Mexican Eatery in Boulder

It will open this fall

Chef Hosea Rosenberg will open Santo, a tribute to his New Mexico roots, at 1265 Alpine Avenue in Boulder. Located at the corner of Alpine Avenue and Broadway in the north part of town, Santo will be a full-service restaurant serving seasonal, modern, northern New Mexican fare.

Just under three years after opening Blackbelly, Rosenberg aims to combine classic cuisine, using regional spices, chiles and techniques, with a local approach to sourcing meats and produce in a new venue.

“New Mexico is a very special place for me, as it was where I was raised and where I lived for half my life. I believe there is something magical about this part of the country. Its architecture and unique culture; a blend of Native American and Spanish influences from history, and of course the rich flavors of its cuisine,” Rosenberg shared. “Despite its close proximity as a border state, many Coloradans have not experienced true New Mexico cooking. This is my soul food and I intend to share it with pride.”

Santo’s dining room is conceived in collaboration with local Boulder designer Alan Ortiz, who is originally from Santa Fe. The space will evoke a contemporary vibe, playing on traditional northern New Mexico style elements. For example, the name Santo (the word for “saint” in Spanish), is a type of sculpture art representing numerous holy saints. The carvings are found in New Mexican homes and establishments and will be present in Santo’s dining room.

Highlights of the menu include renditions of queso fundido with three cheeses, red pepper jelly, pepitas, and fresh tortillas cooked along with a choice of Chorizo, soyrizo, mushrooms, a whole oven roasted rainbow trout with San Luis potatoes, Oxford greens, salsa verde; and New Mexican stacked (not rolled!) blue corn Enchiladas topped with red or hatch green chile, or done “Christmas-style” with both.