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Green Bay Packers Receive Prank Bill for More Than $30K on Dinner in Denver (Updated)

The bill was posted on Twitter

Capital Grille
Mile High Happy Hour

Correction: Eater has learned that the bill posted on Twitter was a prank bill, and has updated the story to reflect the new information.

It is an annual tradition of sorts in the NFL to have rookies pick up the tab for an extravagant team dinner in the beginning of the season — a hazing technique of sorts that only hurts the wallet. Last weekend, the Green Bay Packers visited Denver for the first home pre-season game of the Denver Broncos. The day before the game, one of the Packers players, David Bakhtiari‏, posted a bill on Twitter, that appeared to be for $33,696.99 for a dinner at the Capital Grille. Sports website Fansided, however, uncovered that the bill was not real, but a prank on the rookies.

The prank bill had everything on it from pricey steaks, foie gras, caviar, crab, calamari, lobster bisque, and even a couple of salads. The big ticket items on the fake bill included several bottles of Château Lafite Rothschild (totally nearly 20k) and a round of Macallan 25 Years Old whiskey, prices accurate for those items at a place like the Capital Grille.

David Bakhtiari