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Stella’s Shutters Behind Union Station

The ambitious venture opened in late January

Adam Larkey

An ambitious market-meets-restaurant venture in the growing area behind Union Station, Stella’s (1550 Wewatta Street) is no more, as Westword reported. The business, owned by Brian and Stella Cohen and led by executive chef Thach Tran (formerly of ChoLon, among others), called it quits on Thursday, August 3, with little notice to employees and less notice to customers.

The business, which opened in January, seemed to have it all: A strong culinary team and a sprawling flex 6,760 square foot space located inside the Triangle Building, complete with a state-of-the-art kitchen and a stunning patio. But there was also constant construction around it, no parking to speak of, and a slew of other places that opened in the last year, including 303 School House, Tupelo Honey Cafe, and Hearth & Dram. There is more coming there too: Citizen Rail, Tavernetta, and Wewatta Point will crowd the dining market further.

If these or other reasons led to the demise of Stella’s isn’t clear; it is just a shame that guests will no longer have access to Tran’s top notch banh mi.

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