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‘No Compromises’ When Bamboo Sushi Moves This Fall

The sushi restaurant sets an arrival timetable

Bamboo Sushi

Once expected for the fall of 2016, Portland-based Bamboo Sushi finally gets close to moving on from its “collective eatery” LoHi neighbors at Avanti F & B and into its very own bricks-and-mortar home, barely one-third of a mile to the west at 2715 17th St.

Currently hiring for all positions, the restaurant tells potential employees that the restaurant wants to make a November debut. Taking over the middle, 3,000-square-foot space between Postino and the Recess Beer Garden, the existing footprint also raises the prospect of patio dining.

Dubbing itself the “world’s first certified sustainable sushi restaurant,” Bamboo Sushi works with naturally grown and humanely raised ingredients and a philosophy of “no compromise.”

On the menu at its four original Portland restaurants, kaiso seaweed salad, avocado tempura, a Snake Rivers Farms Wagyu burger, miso-glazed Japanese eggplant, a full sushi bar including rolls, nigiri and sashimi, and a roster of sake and cocktails, such as the Gin Henson, Purple Haze, and Thai chili-infused sake creation, The Dragon.

QuickFish Poke Bar, conveniently a sibling project from Bamboo’s creator Kristofor Lofgren, takes over Bamboo Sushi’s top-floor space.

The build-your-own bowl concept plans to make the journey to Avanti from Portland by the end of September. QuickFish next sets its sights on expansions to San Francisco and Seattle in 2018.

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