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The Bindery Arrives in Less Than One Month

A market, bakery and “elevated fine dining” coming soon

The Bindery

The combination eatery, market, bakery and catering artisanal concept The Bindery keeps its promise of an early October debut in LoHi. Already the market and restaurant started hiring staff and just updated Facebook followers that they have less than a month to wait until opening day.

Located on the ground floor of the Centric LoHi, a recently built residential and mixed-use structure at the intersection of 18th and Central Streets, The Bindery takes over 4,000 square feet right on the corner and a few steps from Marcella’s Italian café, itself aiming for a Sept. 25 debut.

Outside, The Bindery displays a dark, modern chic look with room for patio seating and plenty of windows to let in the light, while inside the open-floor plan will include a wood-fired oven for breads and pastries. Below, guests can take advantage of 55 free parking spaces under the building.

Chef and owner Linda Hampsten Fox, executive chef Jake Riley and baker John Romano lead the charge at The Bindery. Already hinted for the bakery and market, candied grapefruit, green cardamon and sweet almonds flavor inspirations, a tarte flambe with parsnips and creme fraiche to take out at lunch, and bay leaf roasted chickens, grilled branzino, or slow-braised lamb ribs for dinner.

Full-service diners who want to spend time admiring the European-inspired bustling scene have also been teased with the prospect of smoked rabbit, stinging nettles and hen of the wood mushrooms. A small menu of craft beers, wines and specialty cocktails is in the works.

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