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Updating the Debut of The Inventing Room Dessert Shop

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Just weeks from a Willy Wonka experience in SloHi

The Inventing Room Dessert Shop
The Inventing Room Dessert Shop

“Dessert scientist” Ian Kleinman shares his progress on his second crack at unleashing The Inventing Room dessert shop on an unsuspecting public.

Originally located in the Ballpark neighborhood, his Willy Wonka-inspired creations have been without a bricks-and-mortar site since last fall, pushing the food and drink entertainment on the road as a successful catering business.

Now in the final stretch of construction, The Inventing Room Dessert Shop will return soon at 4433 W. 29th Ave. in SloHi. The larger space has finished drying its Smurf blue paint walls, awaits new art and fixtures and then looks to a final city inspection before it opens.

On the menu, liquid nitrogen created frozen treats such as Really, Really Cold Cheetos, Twizzler Space Foam and free Nitro Popcorn, plus larger desserts including Mexican fried ice cream with frozen chocolate and creme brulee tart with bananas Foster ice cream.

Also planned for the space, a monthly five-course meal at the space’s private supper club Gobblefunk, with each event night separately themed and the elaborate dishes prepared in view of the 16-seat dining room.

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Inventing Room

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