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Snarf’s Sinclair Delivers a New Timetable for Sandwiches

Dine and wine sandwich-style soon

Snarf’s Sinclair rendering
Snarf’s Sandwiches

Whether called it by the company nicknames of Snarfosuarus or the Snarf's Sinclair, Snarf’s Sandwiches has almost completed its long-awaited remodel of an abandoned, retro-styled Sinclair gas station.

Snarf’s Sandwiches originally announced the remodel back in June 2016, and now tells new hires to expect an early October debut at the corner of South Broadway and Florida. Training will take take place at its closest Snarf's neighbor, near DU. Both locations will hold the rare distinction of letting customers order tap beers, canned beers, or wine with their meals. The East Evans Avenue outpost already features drink specials and monthly craft beer promotions.

Opening hours for the 2,500-square-foot space have not been announced, but the 15th Colorado outpost will offer the gluten-free and “not on the menu” menu.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary last year, Snarf’s founder Jimmy Seidel anticipated expanding at “a rate of four to eight stores per year for the foreseeable future.”

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