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Permits To Blame for Owlbear Barbecue Delay

Patience needed for fans of “Denver’s best barbecue”

Owlbear Barbecue
Owlbear Barbecue

Karl Fallenius can't wait to return to smoking his famed brisket on Larimer Street, but a planned summer debut has been hampered by official paperwork, with his first bricks-and-mortar expansion still waiting for all the appropriate building permits.

Named for the Owlbear monsters found in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game that feast on wolves, rabbits and serpents, Fallenius still plans to take over the set-back from the street, 2,000-square feet space at 2826 Larimer St., next door to Our Mutual Friend Brewing Co.

His semi-permanent outdoor smoker operated a short walk away at Finn’s Manor from 2015 until March of this year. The upgraded space will continue to cook the meats outside, but create room for around 20 diners indoors and add an outdoor picnic table seating option.

Burning white oak, Owlbear Barbecue featured “ultra humane, hormone and antibiotic free, prime graded, 100% pure Black Angus brisket” from Kansas company Creekstone Farms. The future menu is also expected to include pulled pork, spare ribs, pastrami special, and double smoked barbecued bacon.

Currently unable to give an exact prediction for a future opening date, Fallenius intends to eventually serve from 11 a.m. “until they run out of meat.”

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Owlbear Barbecue

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