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Watch Sports — But Not Talking Heads — at Upcoming Bar Canopy

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South Broadway gets another bar from the Roosevelt team

Canopy, now under construction
Courtesy photo

Greg Gallagher — the owner behind popular Denver watering holes Roosevelt, Front Porch, and Gaslamp — aims for a late November opening for his fourth bar Canopy.

The bar heads to 8 South Broadway with a focus on Prohibition-era cocktails and Colorado craft beer. Striking a different tone from his other establishments, Canopy will house numerous television screens, but Gallagher promises not to overdo it with the sports coverage.

“The idea is that we love sports; however, we hate SportsCenter,” he says. “I don’t believe that any bar, at midnight, should be playing poker or streaming reporters and commentators arguing about the game.”

To ensure the televisions are broadcasting worthy sports content, the minute a game ends, the screens convert into mirrors or digital drink menus.

The bar gets its name from the roughly 900 light bulbs strung like a canopy over the main room. The nearly 22-foot ceiling gives patrons the feeling they’re drinking in a courtyard. A mural designed by Jaime Molina and Pedro Barrios, two of Denver’s most renowned street artists, will stretch over several walls. Gallagher will aim for a collection of interesting textures and lighting with the look, and is excited to see the establishment up and running later this fall.

The mural at Canopy, now under construction
Courtesy photo

“I think it’s going to be the coolest one yet,” Gallagher says. “I’m designing the place that I would want to hang out in, from when I was in my young twenties until now, in my late thirties.”

—Barbara Platts

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