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Morning Collective Brings A Bright Addition to South Broadway’s Breakfast Scene

The brunch spot balances coziness with culinary freedom

Morning Collective’s “daily breads” pack a melted surprise in the center

Morning Collective jumped onto the Denver dining scene this past April, bringing a bouncy breakfast, brunch, and lunch spot that attracts attention along South Broadway with its sunlight patio and expansive 2,500-square-foot space. The powder blue details and floral walls play off of the aesthetic of chef/partner Joseph Strelnik’s childhood home. Strelnik’s playfulness pops up throughout the menu in elevated dishes like the coffee-braised pork belly and stuffed S’mores, and pistachio tres leches pancakes. Strelnik’s healthy and hearty bowls often deliver complex layers of seasonal vegetables, eggs, and meats. Like most of the menu items, the bowls demonstrate Morning Collective’s vision for itself as a destination for nostalgia that may pack more of a bite than typical childhood food. As the restaurant matures, Morning Collective simultaneously falls into cozy and trendy territory as an “ode to yesteryear — when going out for a meal, morning or otherwise, was a special occasion.”

Nearly six months later, Morning Collective continuously attracts weaving lines out of its doors. But what do diners think — and share — as they walk out? Here’s the good news and bad news about Morning Collective, according to local online critics:

Old School Diner Feel, Without the Wear: Though breakfast joints are a common sight along South Broadway, Morning Collective’s contemporary style provides a sleek aesthetic advantage, according to In Good Taste Denver. The modern concept successfully embraces current health considerations and offers a variety healthy, scratch ingredients. A selection of “daily breads” are all baked from scratch and hold a molten center. The robust and mildly healthy bowls are portable to-go dishes. However, it’s the little details that impress In Good Taste Denver. Ice cubes made from the drink’s ingredients chill the final concoction and can slowly add more flavor. Who knew tomato ice cubes in your drink could be what you were missing? [In Good Taste Denver]

Stories of Superb Customer Service: Facebook reviewers experienced a variety of flukes during their meals at Morning Collective. Though mistakes and complaints were few, customers primarily complained about long wait times and cold, mistimed plates. Many diners experiences were salvaged, however, by the team’s hospitality. Those that complained about cold dishes received new, hot plates quickly and the attention of the staff. One tourist visiting the restaurant misplaced her wallet at the restaurant; she shared that chef Strelnik himself shipped her wallet to her. Other reviews routinely praise the open atmosphere facilitated by the bright space and staff. [Facebook]

A Real People Pleaser: Veteran writer Gretchen Kurtz from Westword notes that Strelnik’s “inner kid” is behind the menu’s sweet successes and not-so sweet struggles. Strelnik’s easygoing attitude extends to the menu and allows guests to customize their dishes — often, free of charge. Indecisive guests can mix and match entrees by the piece, so they can have their pancakes and eat more, too. The tater tot explosion at the center of the Three Lil Pigs Benedict, according to Kurtz, “easily outshine” America’s beloved store brands. The combination of mashed potatoes, hash browns, and spices create a flaky and “golden croquettes, with plenty of wispy, crispy ends.” However, the restaurant’s “ambitious scope” — read, the minty English-pea fitter and watery, tomato broth — “seems to get the better of the kitchen.” [Westword]

Cocktails and Cupfuls of Cheer: Zagat describes Morning Collective as “a little quaint, a little edgy, [and] all quirky.” The restaurant’s retro interior and extensive griddle options charm both the publication and Google Reviewers. Customers repeatedly praised the number of choices, from hearty to healthy, that allowed them to customize their morning experience. The cocktails, however, particularly embody Strelnik’s creativity. In an “Eat This Now” feature, Zagat celebrated Morning Collective’s ability to “take day drinking to a whole new rainbow-colored level.” The Strawberry Fields lemonade, complemented by wildflower ice cubes, is mildly delicious while the King’s Boozy Dilemma — packed with cold brew coffee, peanut butter cream, and whiskey — wakes you up with gumption. [Zagat]

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