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Charcoal Restaurant Will Close After Tuesday’s Dinner Service

The dining destination operated for nearly seven years in the Golden Triangle

Charcoal Restaurant opened in 2011 at 43 West 9th Avenue
Courtesy Charcoal Restaurant

A near seven-year run in the Golden Triangle comes to an end Tuesday evening for Charcoal Restaurant. The fine dining destination at 43 West 9th Avenue will close its doors at midnight after one last lunch and dinner service. Meanwhile, the restaurant’s more casual sister spot, Charcoal Bistro, will stay open after one year on Wash Park’s South Gaylord Street, where a new chef team stepped in at the end of 2017.

Sumihiro Investments opened Charcoal Restaurant in 2011 under the direction of chef Patrik Landberg. Originally from Sweden, his menu for the restaurant has included modern European and new American dishes such as beef bourguignon and smoked salmon risotto with everything bagel spice, cream cheese, capers, tomato, and red onion.

Landberg remains a co-owner of the bistro, which is launching a monthly wine club and special menus under the new operating chef team’s direction. Three weeks into 2018, Charcoal is now the fifth restaurant closing Eater has reported. Other closures this month include the 2-year-old Platform T, 3-year-old Chowder Room, 9-year-old Second Home, and the 45-year-old Broker.

Charcoal Restaurant

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