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The One Word That Defines Denver’s Dining Scene in 2018

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Food writers sum up the past year in restaurants in a single word (or two)


For this next segment of Year in Eater 2018, local editors and writers were asked to keep their answers brief: What’s one word that describes Denver’s dining scene in 2018?

Allyson Reedy, contributor, The Denver Post: Ambitious

Brittany Werges, Editor-in-Chief, 303 Magazine: Bittersweet — Iconic spots like the Paramount cafe, White Fence Farm, and the Wazee Supper Club all closed their doors after decades in Denver. I grew up going to all of those spots so it was hard to see them call it quits. But it was also a really exciting year for new restaurants with big national names as well as innovative places like Morin preserving the history of old Denver.

Gigi Sukin, Digital Editor, ColoradoBiz Mag: Saucy

Linnea Covington, freelance writer, Westword: Fancy

Lucy Beaugard, photographer and writer, Eater: Diverse. Expansive.

Denise Mickelsen, Food Editor, 5280 Magazine: Delicious

Josie Sexton, Editor, Eater Denver: RiNo