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A Three-Floor Nightclub With Cuban Food Is Coming to LoDo

Miami Vibez wants to bring South Beach to Colorado

A concept photo for Miami Vibez, a nightclub coming this spring to Market Street
via Kickstarter

Jonathon Stevens and Rebecca Buch think Denver could use a boost in the nightlife department. The couple, who met in Florida and now live in Colorado, hope to open Miami Vibez on Market Street by May. It will be a three-story nightclub with a lounge, dance floor, and throwback record room, as well as Cuban-American food for lunch and dinner.

“One thing that became perfectly clear in our time in Denver is the absence of a high-energy, artistic, and sophisticated themed nightclub,” Stevens and Buch write on their Kickstarter page. “We found a lot of amazing places that were geared more towards the rave crowd, or low-key breweries and sports bars. We realized quickly what was really missing from the mountains was the beach.” Miami Vibez will be geared toward the 30- to 44-year-old crowd, they say. A first-floor lounge will play “chill music,” and serve food and cocktails inside a beach setting. The second floor will feature a “high-energy, neon, bright, art-deco” dance floor with sub-genre EDM as well as top 40. And the third floor will be a pink and gold “throwback to ‘80s Miami DJs spinning amazing rock and hip-hop records.”

The couple will release Miami Vibez’ exact location after signing the lease for a buildout on Market Street. Otherwise, they say they are on-track for a May opening and also raising funds “to really take the roof off the place... .”