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This Sweet Littleton Coffee Shop Will Fill the Former Platform T

Spur Coffee is a family-run business headed for Baker

Spur Coffee in downtown Littleton will open its second shop in the Baker neighborhood at 95 Lincoln Street
Spur Coffee/Facebook

By early June, a family-run coffee shop will open inside the former Platform T location in the Baker neighborhood. Spur Coffee is the pet project of Tandi, Marcel, and Tyler Venter. The Denver family — originally from Johannesburg, South Africa — already operates a Spur in historic downtown Littleton. Now they’re getting ready to open their second location at 95 Lincoln Street. Late last year, Platform T closed its two stores in Baker and Glendale.

The Baker Spur will be a bright and modern cafe, serving a full espresso bar, teas, matcha, and a signature red rooibos latte (the Afrikaans term means “red bush”). Marcel Venter has a branding and design business that spawned its own retail coffee shop “customer” in Littleton back in 2012. His wife Tandi cooks and bakes: The new shop features a kitchen and will offer sandwiches, salads, and pastries, including gluten-free cakes and vegan options. Their son Tyler does the coffee roasting and helps manage the business.

Once open on Lincoln Street, the Venters plan to operate Spur from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. They also are in the process of securing a liquor license for the cafe and hope to extend its hours into later evening service, with small plates, boards, wine, beer, and cocktails. And they’re not stopping at two shops in the Denver area. According to Tandi, the family is always on the lookout for more potential locations.