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Someone in Denver Just Broke the World Record for Tallest Waffle Stack

And other important food news

These are not the waffles that were stacked in a successful attempt over the weekend to break a world record
Belen Bilgic Schneider/Shutterstock

RECORD-BREAKING NEWS: Not sure what everyone else did over the long weekend, but one Denver man in his backyard broke the world record for tallest stack of waffles. The Denver Post live-Tweeted the whole suspenseful six-hour process, including John Williams’ “Summon the Heroes” score playing in the background. Spencer McCullough ironed and broiled 51 waffles for optimal stacking with the help of his friends and a few strangers watching. The tower measured in at 67 centimeters. A Denver land surveyor with a 3-D laser scanner legitimized it, though the final word from Guinness World Records is pending. The previous record height for stacked waffles was 51 centimeters. [DP]

MENTAL HEALTH NEWS: Restaurants are notoriously plagued with alcoholism and other addiction, but 303 Magazine last week dug into the mental health problems that Denver’s industry members face. Long working hours, high stress levels, and the pressures from social media, self, and reviews all contribute to “a culture where most everyone is struggling, but no one is willing to admit it,” the magazine writes. Some chefs and restaurant groups are working to better their workplace cultures, and a new Denver industry group has been formed for support and discussion. [303]

NO MORE SALOON NEWS: It was the end of the road this month for Boulder’s 35-year college institution the Walrus Saloon. Westword published a nice eulogy for the place that saw many a drunk University of Colorado student over the years. The closing comes in time for a new development at 1911 11th Street. Frank Day, the owner of Walrus, still operates Boulder Beer on Walnut, Stout Street Social, Ignite Kitchen + Cocktails, Humboldt and Blue Island Oyster Bar & Seafood, and the Hotel Boulderado’s bars and restaurants. [Westword]