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Man Accidentally Shot at Mile High Spirits Gets Free Drinks for Life

Plus more news to know today

The Denver distillery says its customer who was shot in the leg by a dancing FBI agent can now “enjoy complimentary drinks forever.”
Mile High Spirits/Facebook

DANCES WHILE ARMED NEWS: The victim of an accidental gun shot over the weekend at a Denver distillery now gets free drinks for life there. Mile High Spirits on Monday announced on its Facebook page that the whole team is “praying for the victim’s quick recovery, and he’s welcome [...] to enjoy complimentary drinks forever.” Off-duty FBI agent Chase Bishop unintentionally shot the man, who has not been named, in the leg while dancing and doing a back flip. Denver police are now investigating Bishop, while the victim is expected to fully recover. [9News]

DISPENSARY TASTING ROOM NEWS: Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper on Monday vetoed a bill that would have allowed dispensaries in the state to operate marijuana tasting rooms. Just like at breweries and wineries, the tasting room proposed by HB 1258 would have created a dedicated space for vaporizing and consuming edibles at Colorado recreational weed stores. Hickenlooper said the bill “directly conflicts” with Amendment 64, which legalized recreational pot consumption and prohibits open and public use of the substance “in a manner that endangers others.” As of now, only one Denver business is licensed for on-premise marijuana use. [Westword]

FULL-STRENGTH BEER NEWS: By January 1, 2019, full-strength beer can be sold from all existing Colorado grocery stores and new ones that are located at least 500 feet from a liquor store. Governor Hickenlooper on Monday signed SB 243, which clarified who can sell full-strength beer, wine, and liquor starting next year and where. Of note from the bill: The number of stores selling full-strength alcohol is expected to triple; even Walmart will be licensed to sell liquor; and local governments are left to decide the fate of consumption in public parks. [DBJ]