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Miami Vibez Nightclub and Cuban Restaurant Opens Today in LoDo

Its owners eventually hope to cover five floors in the historic Market Street space

The main floor of Miami Vibez at 1523 Market Street is a Cuban-American restaurant
Jonathan Phillips/Eater

Club Purple, Crave, Oasis, Rumors, Chances, and now Miami Vibez. The latest nightclub to enter as many as five floors at 1523 Market Street is a Miami-inspired music hall with Cuban food, an upstairs dance club, a forthcoming basement hookah lounge and attic vinyl listening room, and eventually, possibly a rooftop swimming pool. For now, Miami Vibez owners Rebecca Buch and Jonathon Stevens are debuting two floors of their big Cuban-inspired club, with the first live band and DJ sets happening Friday evening.

“There’s a concept in Denver about what a club is,” Stevens said ahead of the opening. “We have a different vibe so that everyone can come together and it feels inclusive,” Buch added. With Miami Vibez, the couple wants to bring a little piece of the beach to the mountains. “Art-deco, Latino-influenced, LGBTQ-friendly” they wrote on their Kickstarter page back in February. The music will be “chill, high-energy, sub-genre EDM, Top 40” and everything in between.

From the first-floor Cuban bistro and lounge to the second-story club and attic listening room, each space in the 11,000-square-foot building should have a different atmosphere. “We were just trying to find a space that would bring our vision — her vision — to life,” Stevens said. He met Buch while they were living in South Florida, where her half-Cuban family is based. She is a special education teacher who spent years working in the bar business; he’s an entrepreneur in the tech sector. This is their first foray into the nightlife industry, and they’ve invested everything that have into it.

Consequently, construction on the basement hookah bar and attic vinyl room is still underway. But a food menu featuring Cuban sandwiches, mojo wings, and yuca fries is available. And curious club-goers can head to Miami Vibez this weekend for mojitos, a live band (starting at 6 p.m. Friday), and late-night (10 p.m. to 2 a.m.) go-go dancing.

Outside Miami Vibez at 1523 Market Street
Jonathan Phillips/Eater
The ground level of the club is a Cuban-American bistro, serving food and cocktails from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.
Jonathan Phillips/Eater
Flavored mojitos, a Cuban old fashioned, and Maracuja mule are some of the new bar’s featured cocktails
Jonathan Phillips/Eater
Local artists have painted the space, including the stairs up to the nightclub
Jonathan Phillips/Eater
The first floor restaurant is also a lounge with different nightly music offerings
Jonathan Phillips/Eater