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It Looks Like Lone Tree Is Getting a Fogo de Chão

The meaty Brazilian chain could be headed to La Sandia’s location

The restaurant is known as “meat mecca”
Photography by Kathy Tran

According to city plans, the Brazilian-based steakhouse chain Fogo de Chão is looking to move into the recently vacated Lone Tree location of Richard Sandoval’s La Sandia. Acting on a tip, Eater Denver unearthed a proposal to remake it into one of the gaucho-themed restaurants.

Fogo de Chão is a chain of Brazilian steakhouses, where gaucho-dressed servers inundate diners with giant skewers of grilled meats. There’s a massive salad bar, too, but that’s just to distract from the all-you-can-eat meat service. Guests turn a card, indicated plates are open for business, and meat is continually shaved onto their plates until the card is flipped or the meat sweats overcome. The chain has locations from coast to coast in American, as well as in the Middle East, Mexico and Brazil.

The new restaurant would remake the exterior to match the gray stucco of its other locations, a metal awning added to the lower level patio.

Richard Sandoval’s family-friendly La Sandia shuttered July 11 after a decade in Lone Tree.

Fogo’s skewers of meat
Kathy Tran/Eater

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