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LA’s Finest French Restaurant Looks to Expand to Denver

Chef Ludo Lefebvre is scouting locations around town for Petit Trois

In Los Angeles, Parisian bistro Petit Trois serves a classic omelet inside a strip mall
Joshua Lurie/Eater LA

Denver is now looking like a real possibility for a third location of Petit Trois, one of Los Angeles’ favorite French restaurants. Just last week, the Parisian bistro’s chef and owner, Ludo Lefebvre, was in town scouting spots with his business partner, LA restaurateur Jon Shook.

The Petit Trois team is “actively” and “aggressively” looking for a space in Denver, Krissy Lefebvre, Ludo’s wife, confirmed. “We would love to find something sooner rather than later,” she added. Krissy grew up in Denver and says she and Ludo want to spend more time in Colorado now as their own kids grow up.

For its part, Petit Trois has become an LA institution. The original bistro — similar in size and spirit to Denver’s Cart-Driver — is tucked inside a Hollywood strip mall next to Lefebvre’s evening tasting menu joint Trois Mec. The more casual of the two spots serves a straightforward all-day menu that includes classic omelets, steak frites, mussels mariniere, and a “Big Mec.”

It’s a lineup and concept that Lefebvre can replicate. A second, wide-open location of Petit Trois opened just this past spring in Sherman Oaks. Back in May, Ludo told Restaurant Hospitality he’d like to expand the brand farther, around Southern California as well as to Denver.

Along with Petit Trois, a handful of French restaurants are on their way to Denver this year and next. Bistro Georgette, a Parisian street food stall, will open at Avanti F&B on August 7. Morin, a modern French restaurant and bar, will open in the former Wazee Supper Club sometime this fall. LeRoux, which will serve French and Pan-European cuisine, is coming inside the SugarCube downtown. By 2019, New York’s Le Bilboquet will land in Cherry Creek.

A view inside the original Petit Trois bistro in LA
Wonho Frank Lee/Eater