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Chipotle Is Laying Off or Relocating 399 Denver-Based Employees

The Colorado Department of Labor received notice on Friday

Chipotle’s layoffs in Denver come ahead of its headquarters moving to California
Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images

Ahead of moving its headquarters from Colorado to California, Chipotle plans to lay off or relocate 399 full-time Denver employees.

The 25-year-old company on Friday filed a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, Skift Table reported. The notice states that all 399 full-time employees of Chipotle’s Denver HQ will be affected in some way by the move. “While some employees will be offered relocation (more than fifty miles away), some employees will be laid off,” the notice read.

Chipotle did not specify how many workers would be laid off. Among those affected are 73 technology analysts, 14 food safety coordinators, and two human resources directors. The employees were notified by June 18 with either severance or relocation packages.

Starting on October 5, Chipotle will close its Denver offices as well as those in New York, where 32 employees were given notice as well. Just last December, the company had announced plans to move into a new downtown Denver skyscraper. It then announced in May that headquarters would move from Denver to Newport Beach, where new CEO Brian Niccol resides. Niccol replaced founder Steve Ells as Chipotle’s chief officer in March.

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