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Chicago’s Happy Camper To Park Pizza in LoHi

Happy-tizers, calzones and meat ‘za are on the way

Happy Camper
Happy Camper

The Chicago team of Josh Iachelli and Clay Hamilton are driving their fun atmosphere but serious pizza concept to LoHi, taking over the former home of Stones On 32nd.

First reported by BusinessDen, this third venue for the new owners, will be the second outing for Happy Camper, an Old Town Chicago casual restaurant since 2015. The 2,801-square-foot replacement for Stones at 3211 Pecos St. sits across from Avanti Food & Beverage and features room for a patio out front and its own parking lot.

The existing roadside diner exterior is in keeping with the original Happy Camper’s highway-inspired design, which includes a retrofitted Airstream trailer dining room and tire swing seats at one of the bars.

Expected to arrive early 2019, the Chicago menu includes “Happytizers” of meatballs, potato skins and Goat Stix, bread sticks with goat cheese marinara, plus salads, soups, and calzone combinations of turkey, bacon, and cheddar and smoked ham and avocado.

The “meat ‘za,” “chicken ‘za” and “veggie ‘za” pizzas are named after friends of the restaurant, so look forward to ordering up a Tim, Curt, Ken, Josh, or the spinach-based Linda, no cheese Mom, and a Canadian bacon and pineapple tribute to Jay.

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Stones On 32nd

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