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Colorado Springs Gets a Meaty Restaurant and Butcher Shop

Elk flank carne asada and yak burgers are coming to Jason Nauert’s Beasts & Brews

Jason Nauert is opening Beasts & Brews this fall in Colorado Springs
Will Rutledge

In breaking meat news, Jason Nauert, owner and director of the Rocky Mountain Institute of Meat, will open Beasts & Brews, a butcher shop and restaurant, in Colorado Springs.

“We’re going for a lot of meat,” Nauert said.

The carnivore heaven will include a butcher shop up front and a counter-service restaurant in the back. A menu by chef Noah Siebenaller (formerly of Phantom Canyon Brewing Co. and most recently a private chef for golfer Greg Norman), will feature charcuterie plates, a selection of dry-aged beef, street tacos, and wood-fired pizzas.

Nauert says he also hopes to work game onto the menu, like elk flank carne asada and yak burgers. Beer will be another big draw, with 75 to 80 self-serve beers on tap, along with a smaller selection of wine, whiskey, and cocktails.

But meat, of course, is the main event. “The butcher shop is in the front, right when you walk in,” Nauert says. “I almost force you to look at meat before you go in — tantalize you with my products.”

Everything will be processed and made in-house, and all the meat will be sourced from responsible local companies like Colorado Craft Beef, Brush Locker (for pork and lamb), and Rocky Mountain Organic Farms (pork). Nauert also plans on going super local with the vegetables. He’s working on building greenhouses to grow all the restaurant’s produce, but he estimates that will take a year or two to get up and running.

Nauert, whose Rocky Mountain Institute of Meat has done a lot of work with the army down in Colorado Springs, will continue his military-centric mission with Beasts & Brews’ employees. He hopes to hire 75 percent veterans.

Beasts & Brews will open at 7 Spectrum Loop in the north end of Colorado Springs this November.