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Larimer Street Holdout Phil’s Place Has Sold

The 1970s-era bar and Mexican restaurant is closing in October

Phil’s Place at 3463 Larimer Street
Mile High Happy Hour

Surrounded on all sides by new businesses and development, for years Phil’s Place was a holdout at 35th and Larimer streets. Now the business is closing next month, and its owners have sold the building. A goodbye party will take place on Saturday, October 6, with a $30, all-you-can-drink special. The bar will officially close sometime that following week.

“We’re just getting older, and a lot of us can’t do it anymore,” owner Junie Garcia said. Her family has owned the business, named after her son Phil, since 2002. The Garcias were planning on leasing the bar out now but received a purchase offer they couldn’t refuse. Junie did not disclose the amount of the sale or any future plans for the space. She said she has seen generations of customers come through it.

“It’s all like family around here, it’s pretty sad,” she said.

Phil’s Facebook page this week promoted the farewell event, saying, “There will be no tolerance for any kind of negative behavior as we are trying to say goodbye in the most positive way possible.” The Garcias encourage customers to come out and celebrate with pictures “or any kind of memorabilia you’ve created here at Phil’s, as we all would love to reminisce all the crazy moments we shared with one another.”

Located across from newer neighborhood additions like Chuburger and Bar Helix and diagonally opposite Fish N Beer and Hop Alley, Phil’s Place is a sports bar and restaurant that dates back to the 1970s (when it was Dave’s Lounge). Outside, its small windows are covered in bars; inside, the walls are lined with wood panels. Customers rave about chef Junie’s green chile and huevos rancheros. Prior to running the kitchen at Phil’s, she worked at Bamboo Hut for more than 30 years. Her family still owns another bar on Larimer Street, Mexico City Lounge.