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Coloradans Can Now Hike to a Tap Room in the Woods

Upslope is releasing a new beer in the most Colorado way possible

Upslope’s Backcountry Tap Room will pop up on Saturday, October 6
Upslope Brewing [official]

In that’s-such-a-Colorado-craft-brewery-thing-to-do news today, Boulder’s Upslope Brewing announced it will pop-up with a Backcountry Tap Room next month. On Saturday, October 6, a makeshift beer bar will greet hikers at the end of a 2.5-mile trail in Fraser’s Grand Park. There, Upslope will serve the first cans of its new winter seasonal, Spruce Tip IPA, along with some year-round beers.

“Why put a beer hut in the middle of nowhere? Because that’s exactly where a brand new Upslope was brewed to be enjoyed,” the brand’s event page deftly explains. This is the fourth annual Backcountry Tap Room event for the brewery. Drinking attendees should purchase $15 tickets prior to the hike, with all proceeds going to Leave No Trace Center For Outdoor Ethics.

In return for the donation, hikers will get a can of Spruce Tip and up to three more cans of Upslope’s other styles that day. This should mean either a really breezy or slightly more difficult hike back down the mountain, depending on the drinker. Along with beers, Upslope provides lawn games and live music by Steepland String Band. The whole thing will wrap up by 4:30 p.m., and Coloradans will go back to hiking on trails then drinking in tap rooms, or just packing in those backcountry beers themselves.

The 5-mile out-and-back trail atop Grand Park in Fraser will be clearly marked on Saturday, October 6
Upslope Brewing [official]

Upslope Brewing Company

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