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Food Hall Pioneer Avanti Expands to Boulder’s Pearl Street

Six different restaurant stalls, two bars, and a rooftop deck will fill the former Cheesecake Factory space

The original Avanti fills with patrons on its outdoor deck in LoHi
Adam Larkey/Eater

For those mourning the loss late last year of Boulder’s near two decades-old Cheesecake Factory, there is hope. Avanti Food & Beverage, Denver’s restaurant incubating food hall, is expanding to the prime real estate at 14th and Pearl streets, slated to open late this year. This second, 13,000-square-foot food hall will hold two Avanti bars, six independent restaurant stalls, a rooftop deck, and a coffee and pastry shop.

“We’ve seen seven concepts that started within Avanti in Denver break out into brick-and-mortar locations, and we can’t wait to help foster the same success in Boulder,” Patrick O’Neill, Avanti’s co-founder, said in a statement.

Avanti started in 2015 in LoHi as a testing ground for chefs and restaurateurs, offering them a space to cook and serve customers at a lower cost than opening a restaurant. In Boulder, Avanti will offer one- to two-year lease options. The brand is looking for tenants to fill the new space, which is about to get redesigned by Oz Architecture and Scout Interiors. Interested parties can reach out here for more information.

In Denver, Avanti’s current lineup includes five concepts that have opened or will open brick-and-mortar restaurants — American Grind, BorraCho Tacos, Brava! Pizzeria, QuickFish, and Quiero Arepas. The most recent businesses to graduate from the space are Chow Morso and the Regional. The two newest food stalls are French Bistro Georgette and rotisserie chicken spot the Rotary.

Avanti Food and Beverage, Denver

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