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The Post Gives a Guide to Denver’s Regional Pizzas

Plus, more local food news to know today

DC Pie Co.’s Brooklyn-style pies are available at the new Colfax shop
DC Pie Co. [official]

All things pizza

Writing for the Denver Post, Allyson Reedy gives a good primer on the city’s regional pizza offerings — from Neapolitan to New York, Chicago deep dish, Detroit, Brooklyn, Colorado, New Haven, and even Greek from New England. In the rundown, Reedy offers more than two dozen options, including explanations of all the styles, and recommendations of the best spot in town for each of them. Let the pizza eating, debating, repeating begin. [DP]

A sober bar and restaurant

Restaurant industry workers notoriously battle with addiction, and a new Denver business is addressing the problem head-on by opening an alcohol-free bar and restaurant. The non-profit SoBar is in early planning stages in Denver — no location yet — according to Westword. It will serve as a dinner spot and daytime caterer. Its founder Emily Schrader is a counselor who specializes in substance abuse, and a former industry worker herself. She wants to offer special food menus, detox programming, and alcohol-free events like baby showers. [Westword]

Acorn’s new dessert shop

The Source’s flagship restaurant is one of many businesses at the food hall undergoing major changes this season. Acorn announced this week that, come spring, it will open a sister dessert shop next door called Melted. The new store is located in the former Western Daughters Butcher Shoppe; it will sell cookies and soft-serve ice cream, among other things. Acorn is also expanding its own space, with a revamped bar and kitchen area, a wine room and dry-aging meat locker.


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The Source

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