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Rosetta Hall, Which Opened Today in Boulder, Is a Trip Around the World Within a Food Hall

The eight food stalls are serving duck-filled crepes, barbecue tacos, cinnamon donuts, and more

A photo of a plate containing two tacos topped with carnitas and two topped with barbacoa
Barbacoa and carnitas tacos from Rosetta Hall’s Tierra
Rosetta Hall [official]

Today was a big one food-wise in Boulder as Denver’s northwestern little brother (finally) got its own food hall with the opening of Rosetta Hall.

Although the makeup of the hall’s eight internationally-oriented food stalls has been known for about a month, today’s opening brought the first look at the full menus each of Rosetta Hall’s occupants are actually serving. Note: There is also a sit-down coffee shop and two bars.

Here is a look at the some of the highlights of each menu, including all of the tacos, pizzas, and pastries diners can look forward to when they make their first visit to the hall:

Jacaranda: The menu at this West African food stall (with an occasional Southern bent) from chef Modou Jaiteh has nine options. The Po’ghana boy sandwich consists of mushrooms, cashews, cauliflower, arugula, and pickled raisins served on a baguette with Ghanan hot pepper sauce and cashew butter. A stew made with peanuts, lamb, and carrots called domoda is only available after 11 a.m.. The calas are similar to beignets but made from rice.

La Tigella: Here the focus is on the stuffed Italian flatbread sandwiches called tigelles that give this stall its name. The mortadella tigelle comes stuffed with spiced pork and tallegio while the marinated pepper tigelle features plenty of its namesake. There is also a dish of porchetta served with seasoned greens and three Roman-style pizza options, including one topped with porcini mushrooms and sausage.

Tierra: This stall from chef Joseph Lee offers four varieties of tacos: barbacoa, carnitas, cured carrot, and mushroom chorizo. There is also a quesadilla topped with mushroom and huitlacoche (corn smut), chips and guacamole, and a confit duck leg topped with mole.

A photo of the double-burger  from Folsom Foods consisting of a burger topped with yellow cheese and lettuce
The double-burger from Folsom Foods
Folsom Foods [Official]

Folsom Foods: When the figures that would be opening restaurant stalls inside Rosetta Hall were announced last month, former Old Major executive chef Justin Brunson proved to be one of the biggest names. The bulk of the menu is (unsurprisingly for anyone who has kept up with Brunson’s latest moves) made up of sandwiches, including a Colorado pastrami, a peach wood smoked turkey, and a hot ham and cheese. A double burger, boards made up of a changing selection of meats and cheeses, and sides of fries, charred cauliflower, and crispy Brussels sprouts round out the offerings. Meats are sourced from Brunson’s River Bear American Meats company.

Eridu: The menu here, which showcases grains and legumes, is heavy on salads made with those grains. The fall power salad contains lentils, winter squash, and peppers, while the beets and sweets contains pickled beats and is topped with a moscatel vinagarette. There are also Lithuanian dumplings filled with lamb, mushrooms, and cabbage and a rice pudding for dessert.

Petit Fleur: The sweet options at this European patisserie include glazed and cinnamon mini donuts, a Belgian chocolate cake, and a dulce de leche cookie from South America. There are also stuffed dates filled with almond butter and honey.

Confit: Buckwheat crepes filled with duck leg and a Nicoise salad are on the menu at this stall, which aims to make French food more approachable. There are also souffles, tartines (open-face French sandwiches), and a casserole made with duck.

Ginger Pig: The bulk of the dishes are transplanted from the Ginger Pig food truck, though there also some new additions. The char siu is a pork shoulder served with rice and cucumber salad. There is also a spicy fried chicken and pork egg rolls.

Boxcar Coffee Roasters: Boxcar’s first coffee bar serves cappuccinos, lattes, and other standard espresso drinks along with specialty drinks such as a latte made with root beer-infused milk and a cherry tea that has been carbonated with syrup.