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Starbucks Is Now Delivering Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and Other Favorites in Denver

Plus, Colorado’s first cannabis brewery has closed its brewpub

A close-up photo of a hand of a hand holding a bag labeled Uber Eaters and a trey holding two Starbucks coffee cups
Starbucks now delivers in Denver via Uber Eats
Starbucks [Official]

Starbucks debuts delivery in Denver

Starting today, Denver caffeine junkies can now get their favorite Starbucks drinks delivered directly to their door. According to a Starbucks press release, Starbucks Delivers, Starbucks’ delivery partnership with Uber Eats, is now available in Denver, Phoenix, Atlanta, and two other US markets.

Approximately 95 percent of the coffee megachain’s core menu of food and drinks will be available via the app. Customers will also be able to customize their orders, just as they can on the existing Starbuck’s mobile app.

The cost for each delivery will include the standard $4.49 Uber Eats delivery fee plus 15 percent of the total cost of the drinks and/or food being ordered (before taxes). An additional $2 small order fee will also be applied to orders of less than $10. Though that cost might sound steep four routine orders, it will likely seem totally worth it when the next snowstorm comes around (forecasters say it will be soon).

The addition of the new cities mean Starbucks Delivers is now available in 16 US markets. The company is planning to roll out delivery nationwide early next year.

Dads & Duds Breweria closes brewpub

Dad & Dudes Breweria, the brewery that generated nationwide attention in 2016 when it began selling the nation's first beer infused with CBD, has closed its Aurora brewpub.

Westword first reported Tuesday that the brewery announced Saturday on its Facebook page that its brewpub at 670 South Cornerstone Drive in Aurora would close the next day.

The post, which was written by brewery co-founder Mason Hembree, indicated the brewpub is preparing for relocation, though there is a movement to keep it going at its current location.

The brewpub, which was founded in 2010, began brewing a hemp-infused beer called George Washington’s Secret Stash in 2016 before told to stop brewing it later that year by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, which still considered hemp a Schedule 1 substance. However, in 2018, Congress passed a bill legalizing hemp and the brewery began producing George Washington’s Secret Stash once again.

In March, the brewery was purchased by Cannabiers, a San Diego company that is focused on producing non-alcoholic THC-infused beers.

Eater Denver has reached out to Dad & Duds and Cannabiers for more information about the future of the brewpub and its beers, including George Washington’s Secret Stash. [Westword]

Dad & Dudes Breweria

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