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A rendering of the planned Junction Food & Drink food hall
A rendering of the exterior of the planned Junction Food & Drink food hall showing the patio and hall with a large parking structure behind it
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Yep, Denver Is Seriously Getting Another Food Hall

This one will be located off I-25 and Colorado Boulevard and include 10 restaurants

Just when it seems that Denver can’t possibly handle any more food halls, yet another one is announced.

Then, before anyone even has a chance to even digest that news (never mind visit the many other halls that have also recently opened), the next leading local culinary figure drops plans for their own new multi-stall monument to everything “artisan” and “homegrown.”

So goes life in the Mile High City of 2019, where the rent never stops rising and the whole food scene has seemingly become a hostage to the city’s most unstoppable culinary trend.

The newest (though surely not for long) kid on the increasingly-crowded food hall block will be Junction Food & Drink, a 12,000-square-foot hall that will open near the intersection of Interstate 25 and Colorado Boulevard next spring. This food hall, however, is not the brainchild of one chef or culinary group but rather a project of a partnership between two real estate companies: ASB Real Estate Investments and the Lincoln Property Company.

Junction Food & Drink, like most of the halls that have opened before it, will offer several food stalls as well as a coffee shop and a central bar.

Those stalls, which will number 10 according to a press release sent Monday, will, of course, feature a mix of restaurants from “renowned national and local chefs.” So far, only two of those restaurants have been confirmed.

The first is a Mediterranean stall called Shawarma Shack from Dallas chef and restaurateur Yaser Khalaf. The focus of that stall will be on wood-fired meats that will be roasted on spits that will be visible through a window. However, the release promises Shawarma Shack will also offer options for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diners.

The release also mentions the other confirmed stall will be called Grind and Grill Burgers, though it doesn’t provide any more detail about what it will offer or who is behind it.

Restaurants are still being sought to fill the remaining eight remaining spaces. Restaurateurs (and would-be restaurateurs) can apply for a spot in the hall on the Junction Food & Drink website.

Although it is getting increasingly difficult to imagine how Denver is going to support so many food halls (there are already five in the city limits with several more spread throughout the metro area), Junction Food & Drink’s prime location just off a major interstate isn’t all it has going for it. It is also setting up shop in the center of several neighborhoods that have so far missed out on the food hall trend and in an area that has a large population of office workers.

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