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A Nostalgia-Filled “Friends”-Themed Brunch Is Coming to Denver in February

There will be trivia, costumes, and even “Friends” charades

A photo of a woman holding a cup of coffee and sitting on an orange couch in a pop-up bar designed to look like the iconic fictional Central Perk from “Friends”
A “Friends” pop-ip bar event held earlier this year in West Hollywood, California.
Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

Although it’s been 15 years since Americans hearts were warmed by the final episode of “Friends,” everyone’s favorite TV foursome will be front and center at a brunch event coming to Denver next year.

An organization called the Brunch Club that produces pop culture-inspired brunch events in major U.S. cities announced Thursday that it will bring a “Friends”-themed brunch to Denver on February 23.

Though there’s no word yet about whether fans can expect to sit on a classic orange couch like the one in the Central Perk, the event sounds sure to be positively nostalgia packed.

A press release promises a “Friends” quiz game with prizes, “Friends”-themed charades, and projectors showing Friends episodes. There will also, of course, be a costume competition with prizes that will presumably be awarded to whoever walks in still rocking a Rachel haircut.

The yet-to-be-announced price of admission for the two-hour brunch (the press release suggest multiple sessions will be offered) will include two mimosas (or similarly priced drinks) and passed appetizers. The announcement also teases that Ross’ beloved turkey moist maker sandwich could be on the menu, though the organizers say they are (thankfully) steering clear of offering Rachel’s infamous Shepard pie trifle.

A location for the event was not included with the announcement and tickets do not yet appear to be on-sale. However, those wanting to spend an afternoon with like-minded Friends fanatics can register their interest (and presumably receive more information) by entering their email on the Brunch Club website.