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A “Beer Spa” Planned for Five Points Will Let Denverites Literally Bathe in Beer

Plus, a new Greek joint on Colorado Boulevard

A picture of a ma holds a beer stein while bathing in beer at a beer spa in Spain
A beer spa iN Granada, Spain.
Photo credit should read JORGE GUERRERO/AFP via Getty Images

Denver’s first beer spa is planned for Five Points

As if the Mile High City’s endless breweries don’t give Denverites enough chances to enjoy beer, soon residents will be able to literally bathe in it.

BusinessDen reported Wednesday that a pair of transplants from New York are planning to open a new business called the Beer Spa that will be half spa and half taproom.

One of the main attractions at the Beer Spa, which will be located at 3004 Downing Street in the new 30 Block development, will be a service called Beer Bath Hydrotherapy. According to co-owner Jessica French, Beer Bath Hydrotherapy involves soaking for 40 minutes inside a tub of unfermented beer (the hops and barley supposedly contain valuable nutrients).

The facility will also include a massage chair and an infrared sauna infused with barley and hops. According to BusinessDen, the taproom will feature six taps showcasing beers from a different local brewery each month as well as wine and kombucha. [BusinessDen]

University Hills gains a spot for gyros and kebabs

A popular Greek food truck is now serving its gyros, kebabs, and curry in a space in University Hills. Hoodline was the first to report that Gyros Town opened last week at 2276 South Colorado Boulevard. The wide ranging menu includes bamya (a Syrian okra cooked with lamb meat and tomato sauce), grilled shrimp, and chicken curry in addition to staples like gyros and shawarma. Vegetarian entrees include falafael and a vegetarian kebab. The restaurant also serves fresh juices and baklava and kunefah for dessert.

Gyros Town could also become a popular option for late night dining as it is open from 3 p.m. to midnight daily.