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Denver’s New Daily Grill Gives the Mile High City a Dose of Classic California Cool

There are pot pies, fried chicken, and classic cocktails

A photo of the interior of Daily Grill in Denver showing the dining room, bar and a map of Denver painted on the far wall Daily Grill [official]

The Union Station neighborhood gained a new destination for meatloaf, fried chicken, and other varieties of Americana-on-a-plate with the recent opening of Daily Grill.

The new restaurant, which is located at 1607 Wewatta Street, is the first Colorado location for the California-based chain. Daily Grill was started in California 1988 as a more casual and approachable spinoff of the ritzy Beverly Hills steakhouse, Grill on the Alley.

Matt Carralejo, the vice president of Daily Grill, describes the chain’s restaurants as possessing a classic American vibe and old Hollywood feel that make one a natural fit for the Union Station area that bustles with office workers.

However, he says the chain tried to cultivate a feel that is more Denver for the new restaurant by placing hanging plants throughout the interior of the space, which is filled with large windows. There are also several large boxy light fixtures while more explicitly Denver décor, including a city map and an abstracted painting of Union Station, decorate the walls.

The menu leans traditionally American with salads, sandwiches, burgers, and entrees like chicken caprese and steak frites. The Denver Daily Grill also serves mini pot pies (though Carralejo says it will soon be reintroducing the larger pot pies on which it built its reputation).

However, there are also several new dishes that are available only in Denver, including fried chicken, Morrocoan stewed chicken that has been braised in curry, and a selection of power bowls containing meat, rice, cheeses, and vegetables.

There is also a bar that is focused on classic cocktails (the Daily Gimlet, Tipple, and Old Fashioned are standouts), though it will also be stocking wine and local beer.

Daily Grill [official]
Daily Grill [official]
Daily Grill [official]
Daily Grill [official]
Daily Grill [official]