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What to Know Before Going to Broadway Market, Golden Triangle’s New Food Hall

10 food and drinks stalls open for all-day service starting Friday

Meet the new Broadway Market, opening Friday, February 22 at 950 Broadway
| Jonathan Phillips/Eater

With the opening of Broadway Market on Friday morning, the Golden Triangle gets 10 more food and drink options. And for anyone keeping count, there are now a dozen food halls in various forms along the Front Range — nine of them around Denver — with a handful more still to come this year. Even if Denver’s food hall scene is starting to saturate, Broadway Market developer Mark Shaker doesn’t mind. “You can have one of these literally in every neighborhood,” he said.

While the others around town are restaurant incubators, chef’s best-of compilations, and food truck parks, Broadway Market manages to bring something new to the mix. For starters, this neighborhood only has a handful of all-day dining options within walking distance. The new market looks and feels different from its predecessors (but still with those requisite dressed-up warehouse bones). And of its nine food stalls, six of them are new to Denver. Read on for what to know and look for going in.

Retail sellers include the Market shop, Velvet Wolf X Iron Wolf, and Luna and Jasper
Garage doors and lounge seating face Broadway

“Best in class” chefs

Shaker is pretty proud of the talent he and his team have gathered for the new market hall, calling the chefs “best in class” in Denver. The brand new restaurants here are Pizzeria Coperta, a Roman-style pizza counter from chef Paul Reilly (Coperta restaurant, Beast and Bottle); and Mother Tongue, a Turkish kebab stand by chef Daniel Asher (Ash’Kara, River and Woods).

Wraps and fries from Mother Tongue

Diners might recognize Royal Rooster, Justin Brunson’s fried chicken sandwich pop-up that has graduated to its own home at the market. Sushi counter Misaki (already in Aurora and Superior) with chef Jesus Silva makes its Denver debut in the space, as does Miette et Chocolat and Boulder-based Wonder selling juices and smoothies. Lorena Cantarovici chose Broadway for her fifth location of Maria Empanada, Biju Thomas brought in his third Little Curry Shop, and Mondo Market is opening its third location at the market as well.

A spread from Biju’s Little Curry Shop

A new gathering place

Broadway Market is well lit and wide open compared to other Denver food halls. At the center of the space there’s communal and small-group seating, with all food vendors visible around the perimeter. Facing Broadway is the bar, plus lounge seating, and counter space with just enough room for a bite and a laptop. Shears Adkins Rockmore, who designed Dairy Block and are now building Meow Wolf, worked on this transformation of the old Tony’s Market space. They’ve added smart touches like soft snaking overhead lighting, tartan barstools, and suspenders supporting the bench seats.

Communal seating is at the center of the food hall
Design details include suspenders on the backs of the benches

One centralized pay system

Upon entering the hall, diners or drinkers will pick up a Broadway Market credit card. They’ll use it to purchase anything and everything from the food vendors, the bar, and the beer wall (more on that below). Then, when done eating and drinking, they’ll head to the checkout counter and pay and tip for it all at once. This point-of-sale system is a new one in Denver designed specifically for the market, and it seems both streamlined and a little dangerous (see endless eating and drinking, not having to pay as you go, or keep track of money).

Broadway Market is using a new Toast point-of-sale system

The beer wall

Beer drinkers will want to head straight to the marketplace’s back wall with 24 rotating craft taps. A pint here can be purchased with a tap of the Broadway Market card, and the glass will then be self-served, filled from the bottom up. This system works with pressure and a magnet and probably some magic and, like everything else at Broadway Market, the ease of it all should work to keep customers coming back.

The self-serve taps fill pint glasses from the bottom up
Magnets at the bottom of the glasses hold the beer in

Status: Broadway Market opens from 7 a.m. to midnight starting Friday, February 22. The food vendors and bar close at 11 p.m. on weeknights. For more information, visit the website.

A pizza romana from Pizzeria Coperta

Broadway Market

1640 Aliceanna Street, , MD 21231 (410) 685-6169 Visit Website
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